Muligenerational Living - A Growing Trend in Canada.

Multigeneration living, the practice of having two or more adult generations (parents with kids and grandparents) living on the same property is becoming increasingly common in Canada.  According to the 2021 census, nearly one million households in Canada were multigenerationa, representing a 37.9% increase from 2016.  This makes multigenerational households the fastest growing type of living arrangements in the country.  

A recent report from Global News by Anne Gaviola explains the cultural and financial considerations behind the rise in popularity of having multiple family generations living on one property.  A renovation tax credit aimed at boosting this type of living arrangement is available from the Federal Government with the Parliamentary Budget Office anticipating spending $44 million on this over the upcoming five years.  

There are many reasons why families choose multigenerational homes including financial constraints, cultural preferences, housing affordability, caregiving needs and personal preferences.  

Benefits of multigenerational housing arrangements include the following :

FINANCIAL SAVINGS :  Sharing a home and property can result in significant financial savings as the costs of utilities and internet connectivity as well as property taxes can be split among more people.  Additionally families can save on childcare, eldercare and transportation costs.   If the property owners (title holders) are seniors, the seniors homeowners grant can be applied to property taxes.  

FAMILY CLOSENESS :  Living with extended family members can foster stronger bonds and relationships as well as provide emotional and social support.  Children can benefit from spending more time with grandparents who can share wisdom and experience while grandparents can enjoy the company and care of their children and grandchildren.  

SAFETY :  Muligenerational living can enhance the safety and well-being of both older and younger family members who may require more care and attention.  A family member may likely be available to help in the case of an emergency, illness or injury.  

REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION :  Multigenerational homes can have a positive impact on the environment as they use resources more efficiently.  

SENIORS AND FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES - HOME RENOVATION TAX CREDIT PROGRAMS.  Their are programs that can allow necessary improvements to enable Seniors and people with Disabilities to live in their own homes including : 

The Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program offers financial assistance up to $20,000 to help eligible low-income seniors and other individuals living with disabilities in B.C.  afford to make the proper home modifications and secure home medical equipment where necessary. It offers an opportunity for safe and independent living to individuals who are having trouble carrying out their day-to-day activities in their current environment.

The BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) program provides financial help in the form of rebates to eligible low-income households to complete home adaptations for independent living.

Multigenerational Living is not without it's challenges and is not for everyone as some may feel it provides too much togetherness and could lead to potential for conflicts and legal complications.  Also, the multiple generations would be owning only one primary residence and thereby miss out on the tax benefits of owning additional primary residences.  Certainly their would be some lifestyle adjustments, but a house and property capable of housing multiple families often would have a higher valuation.  An experienced real estate agent would be able to help families find a house and property that is suitable for multigenerational living and advise on how to handle challenges that could arise.  

We have a house for sale right now that works perfectly to house multigenerational living.  It is a large near new home in an excellent location on Fairfield Island in Chilliwack.  The property provides level terrain on a good sized property and should allow sufficient privacy for all members of the family.  It is in close proximity to a fantastic park and nearby schools.  It has 4 bedrms on a super sized main floor as well as a very nice level entry suite.  There is a detached shop/garage with loft that can be converted to an additional living space.  There is plenty of parking, a small fenced area, a new hot tub for a nice shared space.  More info  :

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